Acropolis Greek Taverna

Working in St. Petersburg two days of the week certainly has its perks. I've discovered some new restaurants to frequent during lunch hour and I went with my boss to Acropolis Greek Taverna, a favorite of mine, for lunch the other day. It was one of those days when I was so rushed that I had to skip breakfast so when we finally made our way to eat, I was pretty much ready to devour everything in sight.

With 4 locations in the area (Ybor City, New Tampa, Riverview, and St. Pete), I'm no newbie to this amazing greek restaurant, but I'm always discovering new items to try from the menu. (I'm such a sucker for greek food.)

When we sat down and were greeted by the waiter, he told us about the specials, which included a nice bowl of french onion soup. (I'm a sucker for french onion soup too.) I decided to go with the Patra Sandwich, side Greek Salad, and that bowl of French Onion Soup.

Piled between 2 pieces of the most amazing bread in existence, the Patra comes with thinly sliced smoked turkey breast and topped with red onions, tomatoes, lettuce and your choice of either onion aioli or kalamata olive caviar spread, and it's my favorite thing to eat at Acropolis. The orange sauce you see in the photo is the onion aioli, which soaks into the bread and makes the sandwich THAT much better.

Like I mentioned, at nearly 2pm this was, unfortunately, my first meal of the day. So, I gobbled up my greek salad and french onion soup before the idea of taking a picture even entered my mind. Suffice to say that while I still think it's debatable weather potato salad really belongs on a greek salad, this is my preference and Acropolis doesn't disappoint. In addition to the greek dressing, they also have a light drizzle of olive oil over their salad which just works to enhance the flavor of everything in the dish. Their salad is light and refreshing and honestly, I could probably drink their dressing.

The french onion soup had a unique taste. I couldn't pinpoint an exact herb that made this french onion soup a little different from every other one I've had, but it worked to its favor and combined the perfect amount of cheese, bread, broth, and onions. 

Our meals were amazing (my lunch partner opted for the Horiatiki Salad- a traditional village salad topped with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, pepperoncini, olives, feta cheese and fresh oregano, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, and fresh lemon)! After eating, we had to head back to the office, to-go boxes in hand, to continue working. But, Acropolis really is perfect for lunch dates/meetings and dinner. In fact, I think I'll go again soon. 

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krystal said...

One of my favorites! Opa!

Meg O. said...

OMG. That sandwich.

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