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My boyfriend and I, thanks to a $7 for $20 deal through Creative Loafing, decided to go to Jerk Hut Jamaican Grille and Rhum Bar for dinner last week. Located on Fowler Avenue in the University area, Jerk Hut always seems to have a steady crowd. While we have never experienced stellar service, we have always experienced good food. This time around, we split the beef patty appetizer.

Ground beef seasoned with amazing and baked inside of a flaky pastry shell, this patty is so delicious. The beef was cooked perfectly and the seasoning is simply out of this world. The seasoning is a little spicy, which was a pleasant surprise. I couldn't ask for anything more from the pastry shell. Not only was the pastry so flaky and crisp, but it wasn't too thick. Too often, pastry shells tend to completely overwhelm the flavors inside. Jerk Hut did their beef patty justice.

For our main meals, we decided to go with the Jerk Platter and the Cool Jerk Chicken Wrap. The Jerk Platter is a combo dish served with chicken and pork (best of both worlds, right?) along with red beans and rice.

The pork was a little too fatty for my taste, but I could eat the chicken all day. I tried to pinpoint the flavors in the seasoning (I boast that I have a defining palate), but just couldn't. Turns out, it's a "secret blend of exotic Jamaican herbs and spices" and then grilled with a hint of pimento smoke. The rice and beans are smokey and make such a nice side.

The Cool Jerk Chicken Wrap (also available in Pork) is in a flour tortilla with lettuce, tomato and homemade Ranch dressing.

Again, the chicken flavor is unparalleled, but without it, the wrap and homemade ranch dressing isn't anything special. The menu didn't say so, but my wrap came with a side of fried plantains. Sweet, crispy and soft like it should be, this side basically made me happy about my entire meal. I grew up eating fried plantains and can certainly appreciate ones cooked right. 

Nearly all entrees come with a side of Andrew's Original Redd sauce. Sweet and tangy, the sauce pairs well with everything and is never too heavy of a dressing.

Of course, whenever Macaroni & Cheese is on a menu, I have to indulge. I ordered a side of the baked mac & cheese and delighted in the amount of cheese in the dish (mmm)! 

If you love your cheese, this side is for you. Along with the cheese baked in the middle of this, for lack of a better word, rectangle of macaroni, there is also plenty of cheese at the bottom. If you are unawares of this delight, it'll surely be the first thing you notice when you fork out your first bite!

Aside from the obligatory meats, wraps and sides, Jerk Hut also has imported Jamaican sodas, juices, salads and soups. They also have an extensive liquor and specialty drink selection, offer catering and have live music some nights of the week.

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Lauren said...

My sister goes to Jerk Hut a lot, I still haven't tried it but that mac n cheese looks GOOD!

Jenn C. said...

When my husband and I were both attending USF Tampa, we would go here all the time. We always ordered the Half Chicken Special. It was a lot of food for a very good price. To this day, that chicken is the best I've ever eaten and I love the Redd sauce! I wish it were MUCH closer to home. However, I met the owners cousin at the Gulfport Tuesday Fresh Market and she owns Island Flavors and Tings in Gulfport, so I'll have to get to her place soon. It sounds like her place is a bit fancier though.

The Jerk Hut has such good food, but you're definitely right about the service. It's nothing great. I haven't been there since I graduated in 2005. From your description, it sounds like they've done some expanding. I don't remember seeing mac n cheese on the menu. I like the creamier versions, though. Have you tried it at BellaBrava or St. Pete Brasserie in downtown St. Pete? They both make it well.

Jenn C. said...

How did you add the Urbanspoon box? Do they have embed code or did you do a screen capture? Great idea!

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