Dishcrawl Is Touring Bayshore Beautiful!

I'm getting married this year and fortunately for me, I am done with the planning. Five months early and I don't have anything left to do- it's a little surreal as I expected to be running around like a crazy person for my entire engagement period. The only thing I have to tackle for my wedding? A diet, and it's proving to be easier than I thought. That's right: I'm doing what most women do before one of the most important days of their lives and having a go at losing some poundage and having fantastically toned arms.

However, don't misunderstand me. When a food event presents itself to me, I grab at it and don't let go, allowing myself to indulge and appreciate what went in to each dish. I'd like to highlight Dishcrawl, a relatively new concept in the Tampa Bay area. Dishcrawl takes attendees on a tour of the selected Tampa neighborhood of the night, presenting four different restaurants and allowing those restaurants to showcase a sample of a dish (or a couple of bites of multiple dishes). Dishcrawl also fosters relationships between these ticket-holders and chefs and owners.

Dishcrawl is a fantastic concept, allowing me to take full advantage of all the food offered, but without having foodie's remorse the next day. Chefs prepare thoughtful dishes to share and they can be decadent, savory, sweet, flavorful, juicy, rich, spicy, or any combination of the millions of food adjectives you can think of. I think it's so wonderful to be able to visit a handful of different restaurants in one night, sampling what they have to offer, feeling satiated at the end without growing a food baby, and making some friends in the process.

In fact, I spent my last Dishcrawl event with two new food blogger friends of mine, Blaire of Dreaming Ingredients and Joe from Tastiest Spot in Town. We had so mush fun going from one restaurant to another, from one cuisine to another, and if you think all of the above sounds like a good time, I recommend purchasing tickets for the Bayshore Beautiful tour taking place on Tuesday, March 26th, at 7pm. Tickets can be purchased at dishcrawl.com/tampa and, if you would like $5 off your ticket, enter code "Jen" (without the quotations, obvi) at checkout.

Oh, and if all that didn't convince you, Dishcrawl Tampa's ambassador is our very own Tracy Guida, food blogger extraordinaire at My Other City by the Bay. She knows her stuff.