10 Grain Muffins for #SundaySupper

We have all been affected by cancer in one way or another, right? That's why it's so important to do what we can to find a cure, even if it means simply participating in something that will spread the word and make people aware of the cause. That's exactly what we've done for #SundaySupper this week.
The theme is #BakeForACure and I've gotta be honest- baking is not my thing. I've heard that you either love to cook or you love to bake, or that you are typically only really good at one or the other. I want to love and be great at both! This is why I'm excited to see all of the wonderful recipes that everyone is cooking up. Practice makes perfect, right? I'm hoping to try a number of the recipes and bring the love of baking to my home.

Since my baking skills are lacking, I had to have an easy item to prepare. Also, I couldn't come up with an original recipe, that is how little I'm used to baking. Instead, I looked to the side of the package of a food item that I received from a friend: Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain 10 Grain Hot Cereal. This cereal is made with high protein hard red wheat, rye, triticale, oat bran, oats, corn, barley, soy beans, brown rice, millet, and flaxseed. 

My foodie friend recommended the muffins as a quick grab and go breakfast, but admittedly, I was wary because, well, the word 'grain' isn't the most appealing when referring to a baked item. Then I thought, 'it seems healthy and if I don't at least try, this grain will just sit in my pantry forever'. 

The muffins are so simple to make and made the kitchen smell so good! With a total cook time of 30 minutes (15 for the preparation, including 10 minutes to let the mixture to stand, and 15 minutes for the baking itself), these muffins are my new favorite item. 

Something you should know about me if that I love cornbread. These muffins had a very, very strikingly similar taste to cornbread and to say I was pleased would be an understatement. Try these out! 

10 Grain Muffins
Adapted from Bob's Red Mill 10 Grain Hot Cereal


1 cup Bob's Red Mill 10 Grain Hot Cereal

1 1/4 cup sour milk or Buttermilk

1/2 cup sugar

1/3 cup butter or margarine

1 large egg

1 cup unbleached white flour

1 tsp salt

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

Chopped dried apricots


Mix Bob's Red Mill 10 Grain Cereal and milk; allow to stand for 10 minutes while preheating oven to 400 degrees F and assembling other ingredients.

Cream sugar, butter, and egg together.

Add dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt), apricots, and milk mixture to sugar mixture. Stir only until mixed.

Spoon into greased muffin pan. Bake at 400 degrees F for 15 minutes.

Makes 12 muffins.

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Now, this is only my second time participating in #SundaySupper, but I've noticed the great community that it is. Even though not everyone was able to get the Chantal pie dish, there were still a number of us who created dishes for our readers so we can support the cause and promote Chantal Cookware. Check out these additional recipes!

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Unknown said...

I love grains and whole grain in baked goods. I could eat these muffins any day and at any time. The addition of apricots is wonderful and I could see slicing these muffins in half and spreading a little butter and apricot jam on them too. Delish!

diabeticFoodie said...

I love cornbread too and I'm sure I'd love these muffins. Must try!

Daphne Elliot said...

Love these muffins, that Bob's Red Mill 10 grain cereal is amazing. I am so impressed you used it for muffins.

Katie said...

These sound like a great muffin for the fall - especially since it's cooling down around these parts in the past few days! I always find myself wanting baked goods around this time...

Heather S-G said...

These do sound like a delicious grab-n-go breakfast - and healthy to boot! Delicious job :D

Cindys Recipes said...

Very healthful Jennifer, thanks for posting it!

Paula @ Vintage Kitchen said...

A great breakfast and love that you added apricots! Wonderful muffins!

Jen @JuanitasCocina said...

Gorgeous muffins!

Tammi said...

These look healthy yet yummy in my tummy!! Love having whole grains, just makes me feel better! I'm going to try these!

Comfy cuisine said...

Perfect recipe to get whole grain into our diets!

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake said...

Oh, I love healthy baked goods! And your addition of apricots makes them even better. It looks like you're a darned good baker! Happy #SundaySupper!

Megan said...

LOVE this!!!

Sarah R said...

Thats my kind of muffin!

Nancy @ gottagetbaked said...

Mmm...I love cornbread too so if this is similar, I'm totally sold. And you're right - practice makes perfect so keep on baking! For someone who claims that baking's not her thing, you made some beautiful muffins.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful muffin recipe. I bookmarked it for later.

Mama.Mommy.Mom. said...

Wow! Those definitely pack a grain-filled punch! I bet they would really fill you up too!

Jamie @ www.mamamommymom.com

Enlightenment said...

nice food pics for shair

Karen Hartzell (@InTheKitchenKP) said...

I'm with Renee! I would eat these at any time of day and one of my favs is apricots! Double YUM!

Unknown said...

These look great, and with dried apricots too, that's delicious!

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