Target Tuesday: Must-Have Kitchen Items

Being that this is a food blog and also being that Target is the greatest store in the history of stores, I decided I just had to link up with Tara for Target Tuesdays so I can share what I find to be essential kitchen items for anyone who would like to cook a good meal.

1. Pots & Pans
My mom bought these pots & pans for me as part of my birthday present and my cooking experiences haven't been the same since. I had never cooked with stainless steel before so there is a slight adjustment period (everything cooks faster!), but now I don't even use my old pots and pans, ever.

2. Slow Cooker/Crock-Pot
The Crock-Pot brand knew what it was doing when it made slow cookers. I mean, honestly, sometimes nothing is better than just being able to throw a bunch of ingredients into a pot and do nothing else until you're ready to serve and eat. 

3. Knives
Admittedly, I only have 2 good knives, but those 2 knives basically save my life on a daily basis. Make your food chopping precise and efficient. I breeze through the cutting of vegetables, fruits, etc etc etc with the knives I have. 

4. Stand Mixer
While stand mixers, in general, are out of my price range, I have had my eye on this yellow one for years. With a $300+ price tag, it's too steep, even for me (impulse shopper and lover of credit cards here!), but it really is essential for baking. The reason I don't generate a millionty Christmas cookies every year? No stand mixer. The reason I bake stupid pound cake instead? No stand mixer. The reason my right arm gets a muscle cramp during baking? I have to use the stupid hand mixer in 3 different bowls to get my baking done. Read: no stand mixer. I'm not kidding when I say that when I come into an extra $300, this is first on my list of items to buy.

Other items on the list: nice dishes, 2 sets of measuring spoons and cups (one for wet ingredients and one for dry), a wine bottle opener, and a food processor. 

Now tell me- what are your essential kitchen items?


KBot said...

1. Food processor (for making pesto!)
2. Microplane (waaaay easier to grate garlic with this than mince it myself, also use it for lemon zest and parmesan cheese)
3. Bamboo cutting boards (life saver!)

Heather said...

I love the stand mixer!

Unknown said...

I loooove my stand mixer. It's a general dark blue, but if I could get away with it I'd love a bright color like that one!

Anonymous said...

I swear my Kitchen Aid stand mixer was the best purchase I ever made. I use it for so much, and it motivates me to cook more at home!

Jessica said...

I could not live without my garlic press and sturdy rubber spatula. I don't love any of my cookware and I'm really in need of a knife upgrade :)

tara said...

I have that crock pot! Loves it!

Wiz said...

I ashamed to admit how many times I have used my stand mixer vs. how long I have had it. Now that I will be staying home more, I plan to cook much much more!

Anonymous said...

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