Love with Food box, Jump Start the School Year

I am limited on my free time and extra funds, but no matter. When it comes to giving back, I want to participate in that as much as possible. It absolutely breaks my heart that there are children in this country who don't eat balanced meals and there are children who go hungry more often than not. 

When I heard about Love with Food, I knew I had to be a part of it. With each Love with Food box, you receive gourmet food samples, which is great, but even better, Love with Food will donate a meal to a food bank. It's win-win!

Love with Food offers plans on a per month basis, or you can pay ahead by three, six, or twelve months, with additional savings per level. The maximum is $12.00/month and you can cancel at any time. 

This month, the topic is all about healthy and tasty lunches for school. 

The Love with Food box included:

So far I've only tried the baked fries (and loved them!), but I'm looking forward to seeing how everything else tastes as well. Do you want to sign up for Love with Food, receiving goodies and helping to donate to a great cause? Click here!

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